About Driven Pile

Driven or Displacement piles, are used for laying foundations through casing pipes. A hammer is used in this method to the lay the foundation. The height and the diameter of the casing pipes and hammer are derived by measuring the layers in the soil depending on the densification in order to achieve foundation quality. The casing pipe is inserted through the layers using the hammer. When the casing reaches the hard layer where the penetration becomes very minimal, concrete is poured using a chute cart. Soon after the concrete is poured the casing is removed, along with the tube by pressing down.


The three main advantages are:

  • 1) The state of compaction is assessed as the tube is driven by observing the number of blows required for a constant depth of penetration
  • 2) The energy imparted to the soil by driving the tube compacts the surrounding soil which helps in the increase of friction capacity of the pile
  • 3) The tamping of the tube while extraction creates serrations in the pile shaft which ensures the mobilization of the shaft friction.